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Service network

We have local offices in the Scandinavia and the Baltics that offer project management and our all-inclusive services. Our European service network consists of our 140 long-time local partners that share Imagon’s values and standards. Our service network will also accommodate your needs to destinations outside Europe. Our online-services help you to follow your project and to be a part of the Imagon process in real-time.

Imagon takes care of more than 7000 deliveries per year

Product development

At Imagon, we want to offer you the most up-to-date LED sign solutions and the best materials on the market. We develop our products and research new methods of implementing materials constantly in our in-house laboratory. Imagon is the only signage manufacturer with a self-developed LED-module.

Our product development and research include:

Development of innovative LED sign solutions

Development of new technology

Machine cutting metal aluminum plate

Research of material implementation

Imagon home made LED modules with wires in a row

Durability testing of products and materials

The longest LED testing at Imagon has lasted 44000 h and counting



Imagon consists of our in-house designers, product developers, electricians, and our long-time partners such as our installers. You, as a client, become a member of your Imagon team and work closely with your Project Manager to ensure the best results.

The Imagon sign process

The all-inclusive service includes every step of the LED sign production. Our team members are top professionals, who understand the many stages involved in building customized LED sign solutions.


Your Imagon team completes a site survey on your desired location. Shortly after the site survey, you receive a proposal that contains detailed information about the project, product(s), installation, costs and other terms. We also perform, on request, sketching and building permits for projects.


At the acceptance of the proposal, you receive a detailed order confirmation. Your Project Manager assists you in case of possible changes.


Your Project Manager forwards your order to our production team, who designs and produces your LED sign. After production, the product will be run through a quality control. We also perform, on request, R&D and prototyping, technical drawings and strength calculations.


Our professionals pack your product according to our well-honed methods, after which your product is transported to your desired location. We strive to produce every project entirely in the factory with closest proximity to the final destination in order to decrease transportation emissions and delivery time.


Your Project Manager gives detailed instructions to our experienced installation team, while you receive a schedule of the installation.

Project closing

Your Project Manager provides you with photographs of the final project followed by the invoice. You also have access to our extranet, where your project is reported and archived for possible changes or additional deliveries.