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Led signs

LED signs are standalone letters, symbols and logos that vary in size and form. LED signs are mostly used for locations that need a strong visibility and a distinct appearance.

LED boxes

LED boxes are highly customizable sign boxes that differ in form, color and lighting solutions. LED boxes are mostly used for achieving an increased visibility and memorable appearance.

LED Pylons

LED pylons are freestanding sign pillars with LED signage on one or more sides. Pylons are mostly used to draw attention from long distances.

LED Guides

Imagon is specialised in manufacturing LED guides that are mostly used in public spaces such as airports, train stations and shopping centers. LED guides enable visitors to find the right places easily and effortlessly.

Product Development

We develop our products and research new methods of implementing materials constantly in our in-house laboratory. Imagon is the only signage manufacturer with a self-developed LED-module.

Imagon has a total of 7000 production space