Tuomo Ylikotila Customer service manager

I am originally from Vuokatti, from where I moved to Kajaani in 1996 to attend Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. I became familiar with Imagon in 1998 when I did my internship there and the following year I joined the team on full-time basis.

Today, I am a Customer service manager with main responsibilities in product development and LED development and sales. Moreover, I have a strong experience in customer service and project management, and I still work with my longtime sign clients.

My free time is spent with my family and when I have time only for myself, I spend it exercising. My main sport is cycling; there is nothing more relaxing than pushing your bike ahead on an open road with no worries for a few hours. When the weather gets too cold for cycling, I train at the gym and sweat on the cross-country ski tracks.