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Gas stations

Visibility is key for Nordic gas stations. Imagon deliver signage for big chains such as ABC!, SEO and Teboil.

Grocery store

Grocery stores use many points of interests for On Point marketing and navigation. Imagon supply S-Market with interior navigation and branding, and have long-time partnerships with Kesko and ICA.


Fast food restaurants need large scale exterior signage as well as informative and decorative interior signs. Imagon delivers signage for the biggest fast food chains in the Nordics.


Signage is key for all retail store chains. Customers need to be able to find their favorite stores in busy environments like shopping malls. Imagon is a long time supplier for chains such as H&M, KappAhl, XXL and Clas Ohlson.

Public transportation

Navigation signage for public transportation needs to be clear and easy to read and understand. Our experience with public navigation helps millions of people traveling with Finavia, Trafikverket and Ruter find their destinations every year.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls need large scale exterior signage and decorative indoor navigation to create a uniform and positive experience for their visitors. Imagon creates signage for shopping malls all over Nordic countries.

Imagon has a total of 7000 production space